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Topham Street Gym is located in Resdea, just off of Reseda Blvd.  Leslie Maltz, the owner of Topham Street Gym, prides herself on the that fact that it is the ONLY green gym in the valley.  They do not use any artificial energy when it comes to working out, all workouts are driven by your body’s own ability to perform the exercise.  They will also be getting man-powered treadmills very soon.  This is a no-frills gym that promises to get you fit.  They offer a variety of classes, both indoor and outdoor bootcamps, AAA (Abs, Ass and Arms), F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training), Hoop Camp, and the all new MMAx Conditioning.  The gym also offers TRX Suspension, the War Machine (think TRX but the handles are not stationary), a 30 foot climbing wall, and the famous Jacob’s Ladder, a ladder positioned at a 40 degree angle that is powered by you, the faster you go, the faster it goes…it is a FULL body workout!


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Kacie says:

AAA (Abs, Ass and Arms) at Topham Street Gym in Reseda is a MUST TRY class for everyone!!!  This is definitely not your basic run-of-the-mill squats, crunches and bicep curls workout.  Trainer Tony took me on a journey through Topham Street Gym.  We started with leg lifts using a box and ended the class on the 30 foot climbing wall.  The most unique machine was Jacob’s Ladder, which is a 6 rung ladder at a 40 degree angle that is powered by your own movement, the faster you go the faster it goes.  It is an extremely challenging and fun machine, and I was able to climb 100 feet in just under 3 minutes.  They also have TRX and The War Machine, which is similar to TRX but allows the straps to work in a pulley motion and allows the user to experience a different movement and flow.  I LOVE Topham Street Gym, and had the best time working out with Tony!! 

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Topham Street Gym 18619 Topham Street Reseda, California 91335 818-881-8830