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Breedlove Pilatesis tucked away from the bustling sounds of Abbot Kinney in an adorable cottage.  The quaint surroundings almost make you feel like you are on a mini vacation and the warm welcome you’re sure to receive from Mary, the studio’s owner, will put any newcomer at ease.  The studio is small, but full of charm, and the space accommodates two separate rooms, one with two reformers, and another with additional pilates apparatuses.  Mary opened her studio a few years ago, with the goal to keep things small and intimate.  Her classes are by appointment only with no more than two people per session.  The extra attention and care Mary offers clients is evident in the way she’s able to simultaneously maintain a lively conversation while correcting your form and adding challenging additions to already difficult exercises.  In her former life, Mary was climbing the corporate ladder, but decided it was time for a career change and began the process of becoming a certified classical pilates instructor. Now, Mary is devoted to her pilates practice and hopes to inspire her clients to feel the same.  Booking a session at Breedlove is well worth the pilates price tag!


Know Before You Go:

Kacie and Julie

Kacie and Julie say:

Breedlove Pilates is the ultimate experience for classical pilates.  It’s not a secret, we are avid cardio junkies…running, bootcamp, you name it, we have tried it.  That being said, Breedlove Pilates was the perfect class to ground us and we felt at home the moment we stepped in the studio.  Laying on the reformer felt peaceful, as we were completely sheltered from the street noise on Abbot Kinney.  Mary took us through a full-body hour-long workout, and it was incredible.  She made sure we maintained a consistent flow throughout the class, with all of our moves being slow and controlled.  We were feeling the burn immediately and awakened some of the tiny muscles in our abs that we had completely neglected doing regular ab crunches. Mary is very passionate about fitness and even more so with proper form. With only the two of us in the studio, all of Mary’s attention was focused on us, and she made sure we completed each exercise in the correct fashion.  Although pilates is a pricey endeavor, we just felt so good after a session at Breedlove that it’s hard not to justify a class or two every now and again!

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