The Real Deal:

Bryan Kest has become somewhat of a legend amongst yoga lovers here in Los Angeles.  All of his classes are on a donation basis, although it is suggested to leave $12 in the box on your way out.  Kest has two studios, both in Santa Monica with different schedules for each.  Classes taught by Bryan are the most popular (make sure you get there early!), but the studios offer a variety of great instructors with unique personal styles.  It’s best to try out a few and become a “regular” at classes taught by instructors with whom you most identify with.  Most of the classes offered are “ALL LEVEL” which is great for any individual, regardless of their fitness level and strength in yoga practice.  It is obvious that Byran Kest truly loves what he does and pushes you to challenge yourself, but safely and within your own boundaries.


Know Before You Go:

  • Classes are 90 minutes in length, and are offered Monday-Sunday, from as early as 5:30am till as late as 10:45pm
  • All power yoga classes are “donation based”, but it is suggested to leave $12 in the box at the door
  • Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat, towel (if you need one) and a water bottle
  • Used mats are available for a $2 rental fee

Julie says:

The first thing I noticed about Bryan Kest’s yoga studio was the line.  I had decided to attend one of the classes taught by Kest himself and it was apparent that those were extremely popular sessions.  The room at the studio on Santa Monica Blvd. is huge, but they still pack students in like sardines.  The class lasted almost two hours (it ran a bit late) but didn’t feel that long at all.  Kest speaks to you almost the entire time, and uses humor and positive encouragement to keep your mind off the pain of holding the poses, while helping you focus on breathing and maintaining good form.  The flow through the poses moves at a relatively slow pace, and in the end, you literally feel as if your body has been stretched to its limit…in a good way.  I was completely exhausted after the class but also felt really good with very relaxed muscles.  This studio does not make you feel like an outsider and instead welcomes you into its community, even during your first class.  There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and it’s nice to see such a diverse group in one room together.  Kest would continually emphasize to never look around the room and compare yourself to other students, and to keep the practice your own.  Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga is a very warm (physically and emotionally), and inviting place to practice yoga and I would recommend the studio to beginners and advanced yogis alike.


Kacie says:

I decided to arrive early since it was my very first time at Power Yoga…actually I was 25 minutes early!!!  There were already eight people in line by the time I got there, and when we were let in, the line was around the corner!  Don’t let this dissuade you from attending; there is plenty of room.  It is safe to say that there were about 100 people in our class that night.  The 90-minute class definitely ran over, but it goes by so quickly that you would never know.  Bryan is amazing; he makes you laugh while your whole body is crying out in pain (good pain of course)!  He takes his time, so there is minimal risk for injury and so you can actually learn the positions.  By the end of the class, I was dripping in sweat, and ready to come back for more.  Two days later, my body was still achy and sore, but I knew that meant it was a great workout! 

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Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga 522 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, California 90401 310-458-9510
Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga 1410 2nd Street Santa Monica, California 90401 310-459-9510