The Real Deal:

Club P-fit is a boutique gym in Venice that offers the benefits of an exclusive club membership without the ridiculous prices.  Although P-fit is a small gym, it still offers all of the typical amenities you’d find in other clubs (state-of-the art gym equipment, experienced trainers, fitness classes), and then some!  The club is truly set apart from the rest because of their high-tech equipment, as each machine, from the treadmill to the leg press, is equipped with a digital monitor that tracks your reps and displays them on a screen in front of you.  Not only do they offer Kinesis training, which is a class that utilizes a machine rarely found outside of ritzy gyms, but P-fit also has what they call the “Smart Key Training System.” Clients have the opportunity to have a workout created for them by the gym’s trainers that is then loaded on to a “Smart Key” (similar to a computer jump drive) which can be placed in nearly every machine in the gym.  The machines read the card and display your specific workout (number of reps, appropriate weight) on the screen in front of you.  This unique training system makes it almost fool-proof for clients to stay on track with their workouts!  The gym also provides towels and keeps their locker rooms in immaculate condition.  With the variety of affordable price levels for membership and the friendly and supportive staff, Club P-fit is easily the best deal in town!  If you visit the website, you can fill out a form to try out the gym FREE for three days!


Know Before You Go:

  • There is plenty of parking in the open lot behind the club
  • Towels are provided, but don’t forget to bring water!
  • Lockers are digital (no lock needed…just a combo) and offered complimentary with a membership
  • P-fit always has membership deals.  Check out their website to see the latest offers!

Julie says:

I found out about P-fit through Groupon!  I was lucky enough to try out the gym for a full 30 days and I loved every minute of being there.  While small, the gym never feels crowded or suffocating.  The equipment is virtually all brand new and everything is spotlessly clean.  I had a couple of private sessions with Emily, one of their trainers, and she showed me how to use their Smart Key training system.  It was one of the coolest, smartest concepts I have ever seen at a gym.  I also tried out a few Kinesis Classes which were absolutely exhausting!  The machine is attached to the wall and through a system of pulleys, you use your own body weight to build strength while at the same time challenging your stability and coordination.  I was really impressed with this gym!  Each person working there was friendly (they all always say hello every time a new member walks through the door) and it was so nice to be working out in an environment that was not only exceptionally clean, but so high-tech! Their low prices are absolutely unbeatable too.  I would recommend this gym to anyone! 

-Thanks for reading!
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Club P-fit 1500 Lincoln Boulevard Venice, California 90291 310-392-7949