The Real Deal:

Melissa Adylia Gutierrez of Controlled Burn Fitness is all about proper form and getting in shape.  Her studio is located in the adorable town of Montrose, my new home away from home!  Melissa has an adorable studio and teaches an amazing class.  As a former dancer, she is very aware of form and injury prevention. Melissa offers a variety of classes, all of which are held as private sessions.  The Class is the only one which she opens to the public.  Melissa also offers nutrition advice and meal plans, off-site hikes, personal training, a ballet workshop and more, plus she teaches spinning at Pedal Spin Studio in Montrose.  Please check out her website for more information on all of the amazing classes that Controlled Burn Fitness has to offer.

Know Before You Go:

  • Bring water and a towel
  • No shoes are worn during The Class
  • There is plenty of parking
  • THE CLASS is $25, but only $20 if paid in cash

Kacie says:

The Class at Controlled Burn Fitness is definitely challenging but very rewarding.  Melissa, the owner, is extremely diligent about all of her clients having correct form.  Melissa showed me tricks and adjusted my form when my neck began to hurt from ab work.  All the exercises were performed without weights, but our arms were always engaged and on fire by the end.  This is a no impact class, and incorporates a lot of ballet and some barre work.  My thighs, butt, abs, and arms were all exhausted and felt amazing at the very end.  Be sure to call in advance since class size is limited!!!

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Category: Long and Lean, Tone Up
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  • Kelly says June 15th, 2010

    Trainer Melissa is absolutely the best in the business, and as a Pilates instructor and studio owner, I feel I have the fitness creds to make that statement.  I met Melissa three years ago when I was recovering from post-natal aches and pains, and a body that did not move like my old one.  Quickly, Melissa was able to determine what body parts were out of whack and I was on the mend.  Since then I have continued training with her two times a week, b/c she always presents a unique and challenging work-out for me.  I sweat like crazy, but also laugh like crazy b/c Melissa makes me often do what I would deem “the impossible!”  I would highly recommend her personal training sessions, group classes and her clean and neat studio.  GO GO!!!

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Controlled Burn Fitness
Pedal Spin Studio - Montrose 2236 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, California 91020 (818) 957-9100