The Real Deal:

Core Barre is just one of the many classes offered at one of our favorite places to work out, Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica.  Core Barre is offered several times a week in a small room Rev appropriately calls the COREner. While most of the class exercises have a traditional ballet feel, you also use small weights, bands, and weighted medicine balls to give these classic moves a bit of a twist.  It’s amazing how challenging 2 lb weights can be when you complete as many repetitions as you do in this class.  The bar work is also incredible.  Your legs will be quivering after a few sets of typical plie squats! There are also several light cardio bursts to keep your heart rate pumping in between floor exercises.  The best part of the class is the stretching…and it’s no joke!  The stretch movements are rigorous and make you feel as if you are in a strict ballet class.  When you leave the class, not only are your abs burning and your arms and legs screaming (in a good way of course), but you can also feel your posture improving because of all the lengthening stretching.  To see a video demonstration of the Core Barre workout, visit Revolution’s website! Revolution is now open in Venice on Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Two great locations…same great workouts!

Know Before You Go:

  • Core Barre is held in the “COREner” room
  • Mats and weights are provided, but please bring water and a towel
  • A small locker room, with one shower, is located on site and available for use by anyone attending classes

Julie says:

This class really makes me feel like I am back in my childhood ballet class.  The instructor, Nancy Norby, is incredible and truly embodies the epitome of a graceful, yet strict ballet teacher.  I love going to this class because of how I feel afterwards.  The arm exercises are surprisingly challenging because you do so many different moves with very low weight.  The ab exercises are controlled and done in a way to really target your deep core muscles and the leg series at the bar never seems to get any easier!  I am a big fan of the stretching that is done throughout the class though.  I am extremely inflexible, as the teacher lovingly points out to me, but this class is really helping make a difference for me.  Nancy will gently push you into holding a difficult, yet safe stretch and will constantly urge you to go just a bit further or hold it just a bit longer.  I also love the cozy feel of the tiny room at Revolution.  There can’t be more than 8 or so people in the room, so you really get a lot of personal attention when you go!

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Revolution Fitness- Santa Monica 1211 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, California 90403 310-393-6399
Revolution Fitness-Venice 2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, California 90291 424-228-5788