The Real Deal:

This hidden little gem is located South of Ventura Blvd. at the very top of Dixie Canyon in Studio City.  Angelenos looking for a quiet and peaceful break from city life will really enjoy this off-the-beaten-path quick trek.  The trail forms a nice, and mostly easy to follow loop that winds you up into the canyon along a small stream.  Most of the trail takes you beneath large shady trees so you will stay pretty cool during your walk.  The hike isn’t very long and may take you only 15 minutes if you’re keeping up a good pace…so why not do it twice and switch up the directions to keep things interesting!


Know Before You Go:

  • Parking is free and is located in the neighborhood at the top of Dixie Canyon off Ventura.  Please be quiet and respectful of residents when parking!
Kacie and Julie

Kacie and Julie say:

I have lived in around Studio City for most of my life, and never knew about the secret almost 2 mile hiking trail at the top of Dixie Canyon.  We decided it was time to explore this twenty acre preserve that was donated for public use in 1986 by actor Warren Beatty.  We would definitely recommend that you have a hiking buddy, not due to the difficulty, but the preserve is extremely isolated.  We went at 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon and were the only hikers on the trail.  The entire hike will last about 15-20 minutes and is very scenic and serene.  There is a stream that runs along the bottom and a choice of two trails at the very beginning that all lead to back to the bottom.  We chose the more difficult of the two, and at times the path seemed to end, but we kept going and eventually made our way back.  There were a ton of bugs, and we saw our fair share of lizards.  There are also some areas where you’ll need to navigate through tree branches and bushes…so long sleeves and pants are recommended.  The path is very narrow and we would not recommend it for small children and strollers.  If you are in the mood for something different, we think you should check it out!

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