The Real Deal:

The Westside finally has its own super sweaty yoga studio with the recent addition of Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica! The boutique space has two rooms which are heated between 90 and 100 degrees throughout the classes.  The floors are made of PVC, so they are slip-resistant, hypo-allergenic and shock absorbent.  Additionally, Hot 8 has an air purification system that they have installed to insure that their humid environment remains germ and bacteria free! The studio offers a variety of class types ranging from Power Yoga to Yoga Pilates and Yoga Barre.  They even have a class that incorporates weights throughout your yoga vinyasas.  The studio itself is brand new, clean and bright, and the locker rooms are a great bonus for post-workout showers.  Regardless of the class, you will sweat A LOT…more than you ever thought possible, but it’s well worth the cleansed and refreshed feeling you will get afterwards.  Hot 8 is currently offering a special for all new students: one week of unlimited classes for only $30!  We have already taken four of their different classes, and Yoga Barre is currently our favorite.  We loved this “hot” new workout spot and encourage you to take advantage of this amazing deal!!


Know Before You Go:

  • Bring a mat, several towels (we recommend one at least the size of a beach towel to cover your mat), and water (ice water if possible!)
  • If you forget the above items, the studio rents mats and has water (coconut water too!) for sale
  • There is a small locker room with a couple of showers and lockers to store your items…don’t forget a lock!
  • There is free 2 hour parking in the lot across from the studio, but note, if you arrive after 6pm, the fixed rate to park there is $5.  Otherwise, metered parking may be found along 2nd Street
  • To take advantage of the unlimited week for $30, just drop by the studio and pay upon signing up for your first class

Kacie says:

I am very new to the hot or sweaty yoga as I like to call it!!  Hot 8 Yoga is a fairly new studio in Santa Monica and I was so excited to see that they offered a Hot Pilates class.  I have been attempting to take the class for a few months now, but since it’s at 8:15pm it’s been a bit of a struggle.  Julie and I finally coordinated our schedules to try out the class.  The room has cubby holes for your personal belongings, but there also lockers, but be sure to bring your own lock!  The class was a combination of yoga and pilates, with yoga at the beginning and end.  There were students of all levels, so there is no need to feel intimidated by more experienced students.  Be sure to dress appropriately, do not wear anything to heavy or loose fitting, and moisture wicking fabrics are best since you will sweat like crazy!  The class filled up very quickly so be sure to get there early or sign up on-line, and don’t forget to hydrate!!!


Julie says:

I need to stop telling everyone how much I dislike yoga.  I have admitted on some prior ExerciseLA posts that I have found a few yoga workouts enjoyable and now, since I am clearly in LOVE with Hot 8 (having gone 4 days in a row now to test out different classes), I’m not doing much to support my “yoga hating” theory.  First of all, I have never sweat so much in my life, and although I thought that would turn me off to these classes, it’s just the opposite! I happen to really enjoy the heat, and the fact that it increases my flexibility by leaps and bounds during class, and contributes to a completely cleansed, almost euphoric feeling afterwards.  I feel SO good after taking Hot 8 Yoga and it’s quickly becoming a new obsession of mine.  I love the variety of classes offered and am really impressed with ALL of the instructors.  They keep the classes positive and upbeat and encourage you to go at your own speed.  There is never any pressure to perform movements in any way that is uncomfortable for you, and instructors are very conscious of the heat element and are always making sure students take appropriate rest periods.  I personally liked the Yoga Barre class best…but also really enjoyed Sculpt.  Some advice: bring multiple towels and water with ice in it if you can (it really helps cool you off) and make sure and take it easy during your first class.  It takes some time to adjust to the heat and you’ll likely be light-headed and dizzy on your first attempt…but keep breathing and stick with it…it’s worth it!!  Also, while there are cubby areas inside the studio to store your belongings, it DOES get quite hot in the room, and if you don’t want to expose anything to that heat, make sure and bring your own lock to store items in the locker room.

-Thanks for reading!
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Hot 8 Yoga 1422 Second Street Santa Monica, California 90401 310-866-5280