The Real Deal:

IntenSati is a combination of the words Intention and Sati (which means mindfulness).  Patricia Moreno created the class to not only promote weight loss, but a healthy and positive state of mind as well.  The class is a combination of aerobics, strength training, dance, yoga, and martial arts…along with spoken positive affirmations.  The class begins with spoken mantras, then 20 minutes each of cardio and strength training and ends with meditation.  Holly Sidell is an amazing instructor, and the best part is that she sets the theme of the week with a story about her personal life.  Swerve is offering free Intensati classes during the month of October.

Know Before You Go:

  • Bring water and a towel
  • There is ample metered parking
  • Classes are offered Monday at 7:30am, Thursday at 11:30am and Friday at 7:30am




Kacie says:

I truly had no idea what to expect upon entering Swerve in West Hollywood for the IntenSati class.  I was told to try the class, so I finally did!  For those of you familiar with Yoga Booty Ballet, it follows a similar concept with positive affirmations and setting your intention or goal at the beginning of the workout.  The only difference is that all the mantras are spoken instead of silently to yourself.  We started the class with Holly telling us that the theme for the week was overcoming our fears and insecurities…whatever they might be.  We each set our intention for the workout, chanted a few mantras and began the sweat inducing class.  We chanted mantras such as…“I am enough”, I am a Warrior"and “No worries no regrets”, just to name a few.  Each mantra was simultaneously chanted with a cardio and or strength move.  At first I was a little uncomfortable with the whole spoken mantra thing, especially with a group of strangers, but after a few minutes I got over it.  I knew this was an amazing workout when my glutes were sore before it even ended, and the pain slowly continued to build for the next two days.  I will definitely be back and encourage all of you to try it too!

-Thanks for reading!
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  • Holly says October 12th, 2010

    Kacie, it was great having you in class!  I wanted to let people know that there are intenSati classes all over L.A., in addition to being at Swerve. For a class list, or more information about intenSati in general, people can visit or join the facebook group intenSati West. Thanks!

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