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JK Zen Fitness is a pilates studio conveniently located on Robertson Blvd that offers both beginning and advanced level classes, providing the traditional pilates reformer experience.  Underground parking is also available (with validation)! While it can be found in the hallways of a big building, once you step inside the walls of the studio, you immediately get the “zen” vibe, as their name implies.  With 8 reformers, as well as every other pilates apparatus you can think of, the studio can accommodate the perfect amount of students for a personalized group class.  Pablo was our instructor, and he couldn’t have been better!  Not only was he welcoming and warm, but he was extremely attentive to each individual’s form and kept us flowing seamlessly from one movement to the next.  Group classes are offered all throughout the day and you can also book private and semi-private sessions.


Know Before You Go:

  • Underground parking is available for $2, with validation
  • Classes can be purchased for $35 a session, or in packs of 6 and 10.  There is also a monthly unlimited option.
  • Towels are provided

Julie says:

It had been a while since I’d taken a traditional pilates reformer class, and I’ll be honest, Pablo kicked my butt!!  He seemed so sweet and friendly (and he is!!), but then started us into the craziest set of 100’s I’ve ever completed smile My abs were burning within minutes and the “good pain” just continued from there.  It was an all-around wonderful class.  While none of the moves were foreign to me, Pablo had the gift of flow.  I felt like he incorporated each exercise so well into the next, and the time flew by so incredibly fast!  The studio was beautiful and all of the equipment seemed almost brand-new.  I will definitely be returning in the near future!

-Thanks for reading!
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JK Zen Fitness 120 North Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, California 90048 323-559-4334