The Real Deal:

Ballet Bodies is a great studio located on Beverly Blvd in the heart of West Hollywood.  They offer a variety of classes, including private and group reformer classes, ballet for adults, circuit aerobics, mat ballet, private ballet (for the serious ballerina), and jump.  They have a main room for the group classes, which can hold 6-8 comfortably, and two private rooms with cardio and pilates equipment.  There are cubbies for your personal items during your workout, plus a separate changing area, restroom and shower.  Classes are limited in space so be sure to sign up ahead of time.


Know Before You Go:

  • Towels are available
  • Bring water
  • Metered parking is available on Beverly plus additional parking is available in the back

Kacie says:

WOW!  I recently discovered Ballet Bodies and was so excited to finally try it.  They have a great selection of classes, but I decided to try Jump, which is a combination cardio and strength training.  I truly had no idea what to expect, besides that trampolines would be involved.  We started the class with a warm up of stretching and calisthenics, after a few minutes I was feeling the burn and knew this was going to be great.  There were a few dance moves mixed in, after all, this is called Ballet Bodies.  We then split the class in half, alternating between the trampolines and the ballet bar with very light weights.  The trampoline is a lot more work than you would think, it definitely got my heart rate up.  The bar work was intense, especially with light weights.  At the end we moved to the mat for abs, legs and a cool down.  Hands down, this was a top notch workout and one that I definitely look forward to doing again.  I woke up this morning feeling sore all over and had a huge smile on my face!

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Ballet Bodies