The Real Deal:

818 Fitnessis a hidden gem located in a strip mall on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills!  818 Fitness offers Yoga, Latin Jam Workout, Hit, and of course…Kick2Fit.  The class had about 30 people, and most were regulars…both women and men.  There is a small stage at the front of the room where regulars can show of their amazing moves and VERY toned bodies!  This high intensity, fast paced cardio kickboxing class is a combination of aerobics, boxing and martial arts, PLUS you can burn up to 800 calories!!!  The class promises to get you in shape, but to also have fun at the same time!

Know Before You Go:

  • Bring a large towel for ab work and PLENTY of water
  • Parking is free in the lot
  • Classes are only $10
  • Your first class is FREE



Kacie says:

Erica Fields, better known as the Valley Mom,, introduced me to this amazing workout.  The secret behind kick2fit is Inez, the amazing instructor and creator.  The is a fast paced, high intensity workout that will blast away calories.  The moves were never boring and always challenging.  We punched, kicked and jabbed for almost an hour with a jog around the block at the very end, and I was SO sore the next day.  Inez can even target the dreaded bra bulge…girls you know what I am talking about!!  Everyone in the class was so pumped and ready to sweat, plus Inez plays amazing music to keep you going!!  The class is ONLY $10, and she does offer specials and packages.  Kick2fit in Woodland Hills should definitely be on your must try list!!

-Thanks for reading!
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