The Real Deal:

Kick Ash Fitness, and it’s powerhouse leader Ashley Weinbach, offers small group training that blends kickboxing, cardio and strength training.  In class, which is held at “At Your Side Fitness Studio”, you’ll find yourself working through a circuit of exercises, moving from standing punching and kicking bag drills, to weight training and abs, to shadow boxing.  It really is a comprehensive full-body workout that will challenge all major and minor muscle groups as you switch back and forth from cardio to strength.  Ashley is extremely motivating and her spunky personality keeps the workout very high-energy.  The best part is, she keeps the class size small to make sure her clients get more personal attention.  Your first class is free, so get in there and kick some “Ash.” Ashley currently teaches the class on Tuesday evenings in Beverly Hills, but will be expanding soon to other locations.  Visit the website,, for more information and updates. 


Know Before You Go: 

  • Class is currently held on Tuesday at 6:30pm
  • First session is free, and classes can be purchased for $25 each, or in packages of 5 and 10
  • Bring a towel and water
  • IF you own boxing gloves, feel free to bring your own!  Otherwise, Ashley will provide them

Julie says:

I don’t think I have ever had more fun in a “kickboxing” class!  This is probably because I got so much more than I bargained for.  Thinking I was signing up for boxing, I was prepared for a class full of punching combos, bag kicking, and maybe some abs at the end.  But then, Ashley launched into a circuit-style class that involved Bosu Balls, medicine balls, weights, jump ropes, AND boxing drills.  It was obvious from the start that Ashley’s background is in boxing, and she was very attentive throughout to our form, but I really enjoyed the fact that she incorporated so many unique additional exercises.  I also loved the class size.  With 5 students that evening, I felt more like I was receiving a personal training session than attending a group class.  Ashley kept the energy level high, the pace fast, and the vibe light-hearted.  I can’t wait to take another class from her!

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