The Real Deal:

The Electric Lodge is a visual and performing arts center just off of Abbot Kinney in Venice.  It’s described as a laboratory for artists and engages the community through a variety of programs, including an incredible Tuesday evening, donation-based Power Yoga class.  The tiny room is pretty bare and doesn’t offer any yoga “extras” like blankets and blocks, but you can’t help but feel comfortable and cozy in the space.  The class is open to all levels, but be forewarned that it moves at an extremely fast pace.  This is not your typical mellow yoga class.  You will be sweating and trying to catch your breath after just a few minutes.  There won’t be any crazy chanting to start the class, instead, you’ll dive right in and get to work on pose after pose with very little rest.  You’ll feel an energized excitement that doesn’t often come with yoga practice and you’ll be thoroughly spent, yet well stretched-out at the end.  There are also variations on all of the poses so that beginners won’t feel intimidated while advanced students will still feel challenged.  In a word, the instructor, Dan Ward, is…awesome.  He is laid back, fun to listen to and obviously very yoga-educated.  He teaches this particular class on a donation-only basis and also teaches at other locations.  To find out more about Dan, visit his website…which just so happens to have a very clever name:


Know Before You Go:

  • The Power Yoga class is held every Tuesday evening at 8:30pm and lasts approximately 1.5 hours
  • The class is donation-based, but it is suggested to leave $12
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water
  • The lodge does have a small parking lot, but if spaces are full, look for a spot along Electric Avenue or Abbot Kinney

Julie says:

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of yoga, but after experiencing my first Power Yoga class at Electric Lodge, I can now say that I’d be sad if I missed the Tuesday night session in the future.  I have never loved a yoga class, nor its instructor more!  Dan Ward’s class was the hardest yoga class I’ve ever taken, not for the difficulty of the positions (they were mostly familiar…and if they ever were not, there was always a variation), but for the intense, never slowing pace.  I thought it was fantastic.  We did sun salutation after sun salutation, never skipping a beat before flowing seamlessly into another position.  I was dripping sweat and I was exhausted, but couldn’t believe how quickly the class flew by!  Before I knew it, the hour and a half had passed and I found myself anxiously awaiting the next Tuesday session.  I can’t sing my praises loud enough for this place.  I promise you’ll be challenged…I promise you’ll have fun…and I promise that you’ll feel welcome and accepted in this community-based environment.  Take note that the room is rather small, so the class fills to capacity at about 25 people.  Get there early to make sure you get a good spot and don’t forget to have some cash handy to pay the donation-only fee at the end of class!

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Electric Lodge 1416 Electric Avenue Venice, California 90292 310-306-1854