The Real Deal:

Runyon Canyon is legendary amongst the Hollywood elite.  On any given beautiful and sunny day, you are bound to see an A-Lister or two with their pooch or personal trainer jogging the trails.  It’s also been rumored that Errol Flynn once lived on the grounds.  You can walk the basic trail, but for those that crave more, you can venture high into the canyon for a more adventurous experience.  Some people create their own trails, but it is NOT recommended.  Every Monday at 8:30am and Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm, there is a FREE yoga class in the park at the base of the canyon.  Parking is pretty awful, it can take more than 15 minutes to find a spot so be prepared to be very patient and/or walk a little.  Runyon is a great escape from the day-to-day grind, and for a few minutes, you might even forget that you live in Los Angeles.


Know Before You Go:

Kacie and Julie

Kacie and Julie say:

MUST LOVE DOGS… is what it should say at the entrance to Runyon Canyon, and we can’t stress this enough!!  We are both fairly terrified of dogs, so going to Runyon is always a bit of a challenge.  We don’t frequent Runyon as often as we would like mainly because of this…there are tons of dogs not on leashes.  Working out for us is usually therapeutic, but seeing a pit bull not on a leash is enough to give us a full head of grey hair!!  This is of course our own issue, and does NOT take away from the scenic view or the extremely steep trails.  When we do head up to Runyon, we always appreciate the great workout and the amazing view.  So, if you are a dog lover and are looking for an awesome outdoor workout, head up to the trail and check it out for yourself.  Please don’t be turned off by the fashion plates hiking in their designer gear, looking good doesn’t equate to working hard.

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Runyon Canyon 2000 North Fuller Avenue Los Angeles, California 90046 323-666-5046