The Real Deal:

Sonki Fitness Boot Camp is an outdoor fitness experience for all ages and fitness levels.  If your idea of a boot camp workout involves a drill sergeant screaming at you to do 20 more push-ups, then you will be amazed to find that Sonki Fitness is just the opposite.  Sonki Hong, the creator of the workout, is a very mild-mannered man but knows how to motivate his clients by using inspiration and positive encouragement in the place of yelling and barking commands.  He’s got quite the resume as well!  After graduating #1 in his class in fitness from West Point, Sonki spent five years as a Master Fitness Trainer for the U.S. Army, and is also a 5-time World Fitness Champion.  Although he’s a seasoned fitness professional, Sonki also knows how to make your boot camp experience fun.  We promise that these sessions are FULL of laughter and smiling, evidence that people are having a good time while working out!  Sonki’s tag line is “Stronger, Faster, Leaner…for Life” for a reason!  His workout is designed so that people actually want to come back every day and it’s easy to see why many clients view this boot camp as a life changing experience.  Sonki, and the other instructors, know how to push you past your comfort zone while making you believe that you can do more.  The outdoor environment is refreshing and invigorating and the workout is constantly changing to keep the exercises new, fresh, and challenging.  Boot camp participants often form a close camaraderie and are a constant support to each other during each session.  Sonki even organizes fun social engagements outside the “camp” so that participants can interact on another level.


Know Before You Go:

  • Classes are 60 minutes in length and are offered Monday-Saturday from as early as 6:30am till as late as 6:30pm
  • Boot camp sessions are 5 weeks long and you’ll go 2-3 times per week depending on which session you sign up for.  There is even a weekend-only option!
  • Packages range from $75 to $225 and a shirt and fitness assessment are included
  • There are 5 different boot camp locations throughout Los Angeles:  Santa Monica, Westwood, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills, and Studio City (locations in Pasadena and West Hollywood coming soon!)
  • This workout is for ALL ages and fitness levels
  • Bring a towel or mat, water, and a positive attitude!
Kacie and Julie

Kacie and Julie say:

We originally found Sonki Fitness on a whim when we googled boot camps in Santa Monica…and we could not have stumbled upon a better workout!  What’s NOT to like about an outdoor fitness experience filled with cool people and led by an awesome instructor with a gentle voice and easy-going demeanor?  We fell in love with Sonki Fitness Boot Camp on the first day, and have continued to sign-up for sessions regularly over the years.  Even though there are clients of all fitness levels in each class, the workout is tailored to groups and individuals to make sure they are pushing themselves and getting in an appropriate workout session.  Although each class begins with the signature “Sonki stretches,” the workouts are always new and incorporate “out of the box” exercises like relay races, obstacle courses, and even a game of flickerball.  Sonki also keeps his network of fitness clientele connected by planning after work get-togethers and organizing an annual Hawaii fitness vacation.  If you are looking to get a comprehensive and fun outdoor workout and meet new people, then Sonki Fitness is the perfect exercise experience for you.  Santa Monica is the original location and our favorite place to work out. There is truly nothing like stretching or taking a jog while watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean!  The next session begins February 8th!  Check out the website and sign up…we’ll see you there!!

-Thanks for reading!
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