The Real Deal:

Revolution Fitness, one of our favorite spots on the Westside, offers a variety of classes ranging from spinning and rowing to strength training and pilates.  We had the pleasure of attending a few Strength Training sessions led by the incredible Dana McCaw and were instantly hooked.  Strength training is so very important to maintaining a well-rounded workout plan, and to be honest, it’s something we tend to neglect.  We won’t make that mistake again after discovering Dana’s workout!  Not only is she just full of delightful and inspiring energy, but she keeps the classes fast-paced and full of variety.  In the three classes we attended, we never used the same piece of equipment twice…and Rev’s got it all:  Weights, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, Gliders, Weighted Bars, and more!  Dana made sure to work every muscle during our workouts, assuring that we left feeling exhausted, but strong…and her music was great!  Class size tends to be small, so make sure and sign up online in advance.  The classes are offered several times a week at both Rev locations (Santa Monica and Venice) and while we have only taken Dana’s class, there are other great instructors who also teach Strength.  If you’re new to the studio, you can take advantage of a special $49 rate good for 2 weeks of unlimited classes!  Make sure and give strength training a try, along with all of the other wonderful classes Rev has to offer!


Know Before You Go:

  • Bring a small towel and water
  • Parking is available in the neighborhoods adjacent to the studio and in the meters along Montana Ave.  Watch for street signs!
  • Classes tend to fill up, so don’t forget to register online.

Julie says:

In all the many years I have been taking classes at Revolution Fitness, never did I once attend one of the strength classes.  Thank goodness I finally did!  Dana McCaw’s class has now become a “must do” in my workout schedule.  I have been to A LOT of classes in the past and thought I had “seen it all” when it came to exercises, but I was blown away with Dana’s innovative and creative use of different pieces of equipment.  One day we were completing various types of squats and lunges with weighted medicine balls, the next we focused on full-body work with resistance bands, and then another day she had us using gliders to add difficulty to push-ups.  I was so impressed with the variety.  She kept the classes fun, upbeat with her endless energy, and also extremely challenging.  And…did I forget to mention that she comes straight to this strength class after teaching an hour spin class and STILL manages to complete all of the exercises along with us?  Wow!  Now I’ve got to try the spin class first, too smile

-Thanks for reading!
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Revolution Fitness- Santa Monica 1211 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, California 90403 310-393-6399