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Urban Warrior is a new class at Swerve and is taught by Jennifer Cassetta, who is a third degree black belt instructor for the World Pro HapKiDo Federation.  Jennifer recently moved to Los Angeles and is very excited to share her skills with all of us.   If you are looking for a Tae Bo style kick boxing class, this is not the one for you.  Urban Warrior is high intensity, but the moves are tight and calculated.  Trust me, you will burn calories and be sore the next day, but this is more of a conditioning class to get toned and fit.  Jennifer taught us a variety of punches and kicks, then she incorporated them into combinations.  There was A LOT of leg work: kicks, lunges and squats…great for the butt!  All of the classes at Swerve are amazing..keep checking back for more reviews!


Know Before You Go:


Kacie says:

Urban Warrior turned out to be even better than I had imagined!  The instructor, Jennifer Cassetta, is absolutely amazing!  Most of the class consisted of new students, and Jennifer took the time to say hello and learn all of our names.  She started the class with ab work and then moved into different punch and kick combinations.  We would run through the combos slowly then double time.  Anyone can take this class, it just takes a little coordination, and a few minutes to pull it all together.  We did a lot of push ups as well, this is definely a full body workout.  Jennifer ends the class with a few minutes of meditation, which was a well needed break! 

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