The Real Deal:

Burn 60 offers a total body workout in a boot-camp style format, but without the boot-camp style instructors.  It is an amped up cardio workout combined with strength training.  The workout is very similar to Barry’s Bootcamp in that classes are split in half, with some students running on the treadmill while others complete a weight circuit on the floor.  Contrary to Barry’s however, Burn 60 offers a walking option.  The instructors offer several different levels for the students on the treadmill ranging from “walkers” to “sprinters.”  You choose your own level and walk or run at the according speed.  Burn 60 also has weights, bands, balls, and just about any other workout “toy” imaginable for the floor section, and they always keep the workout interesting by incorporating new, innovative strength training exercises.  Another plus is that it is a very clean environment and does not get inundated with the body heat and sweat from others in the class.  *** Burn 60 recently added on to their studio to create Core 60 (a pilates centric workout) and Turn 60 (a spinning centric workout).  We have yet to try out these new additions but plan to!  Please check back for updates!


Know Before You Go:

  • Classes are 60 minutes in length and are offered Monday-Sunday from as early as 6:00am till as late as 6:30pm
  • Packages may be purchased as singles for $26 each time or in a package of 10 for $240, 20 for $440, or 30 for $570
  • Classes never expire
  • Towels are provided and parking may be found in the meters on Barrington Place or in the lot (Burn validates!) across the street
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Kacie says:

As I have said before, running is not my strong suit, so this class seemed a little daunting at first.  Once we began, I knew that everything was going to be just fine!  The instructor broke up the cardio into three levels; walking, jogging and running.  Don’t think for one second that “walking” was easy at all; he had us walking at 6.0!  The class was very challenging, I even pushed myself to run for one minute at 7.2!  The class consisted of four segments, 15 minutes of cardio followed by 15 minutes of strength training, and then we repeated the cycle.  The cardio was much more difficult than the sculpting but it was an all-around great 60 minute workout, and I am looking forward to trying other classes!


Julie says:

I like to think of Burn 60 as a fancier, cleaner version of Barry’s.  I think it’s brilliant that they offer the various levels for runners and non-runners alike because they appeal to all fitness levels.  Burn 60 is also nice for days when you just don’t feel like running, to have walking as an option and know that you can still get a great heart-pumping workout.  I have taken a few classes already and have enjoyed every instructor so far, but for those of you who can make it to the 7:05am class on Tuesdays, you will love having Felix Montano, an amazing and inspiring instructor who means business and is a stickler for form.  I am always impressed with the floor exercises at Burn 60.  After being thoroughly exhausted from my treadmill sprint, I still look forward to what moves they have in store for the floor because they are always unique…and even fun!  It’s always a major plus being able to workout in a bright, airy, and well-maintained studio.  The only negative…the price.  Burn 60 isn’t cheap, but, you are paying for a truly comprehensive workout from head to toe and sometimes it’s hard to put a price tag on that!

-Thanks for reading!
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  • Irene Lodmer says January 6th, 2010

    WOW! What an amazing workout!!! This class made me work hard. I felt amazing when I left - definitely going back for more. Thanks for the tip ladies! You rock.

  • susan howard says January 13th, 2010

    Having been an instructor at Barry’s for years, I do believe there is a walking option presented at most classes, and yes the walking is often just as hard.  The real difference is Barry may just yell at you, kick you off the treadmill all together and make you do 100 push ups.  Great site guys!

  • Julie says January 13th, 2010

    Thanks for the feedback Susan!  How great that there is a walking option!  I definitely believe that it could be just as hard running with all the crazy inclines Barry throws in there smile  Also…I definitely have experienced one of his dreaded push-up punishment sessions.  I will now know never to stand on the edges of the treadmill without stopping the belt first (one of Barry’s cardinal rules…for all the newbies out there reading this).

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Burn 60 159 South Barrington Place Brentwood, California 90049 310-476-5656