The Real Deal:

Cardio Barre is a low impact high intensity workout.  The class consists of tight and precise movements of the legs, abs and arms, both with and without light weights.  All classes are 60 minutes in length and incorporate exercises utilizing the ballet bar, as well as floor work.  The studio is very large, and can hold about 75 people.  They offer both beginner and advanced classes, and a once a week intro class.  Just remember to go at your own pace, and not to compare yourself to anyone else in the room.

Know Before You Go:

  • Bring a large towel to use during the floor exercises
  • Water is available if you forget yours at home
  • Individual classes are $17
  • Class Series are available and expire 6 months after purchase
  • Get there a little early, you might need to park a few blocks away
  • Shoes are optional as most people are barefoot, but for sanitary reasons you might want to wear socks




Kacie says:


I have taken classes in the past with a similar concept, and Cardio Barre is great!  I live down the street, but this was my very first time…and will not be my last!  Ballets bars line the perimeter of the room, in addition to free standing bars in the middle of the studio.  I snagged a spot next to 3 regulars, just to be sure that I had someone to follow as we went along. The class was very hard, but in a, I know my ass is going to be sore tomorrow and I love it, kind of way!!  The class is for all levels of fitness, but does move quickly, so go at your own pace.  One to three pound weights are used for a small portion of the class…I grabbed two pound weights and quickly switched them out for ones!  It has only been a few hours since the class and I am definitely feeling the pain and loving it!!

-Thanks for reading!
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Cardio Barre 12530 Riverside Drive Studio City, California 91604 (818) 761-4525