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CrossFit Studio City recently opened their doors, and took over the former Dove’s Bodies next to Studio Cafe.  They offer both traditional CrossFit classes and CrossFit Cardio.  For CrossFit newbies, 3 Fundamental classes are required prior to taking your first traditional CrossFit class, and are offered at 9:00pm every Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a no frills studio, but definitely doesn’t need all the bells and whistles for an effective workout.  Classes are offered Monday through Saturday in both the morning and evening. 

Know Before You Go:


Kacie says:

Having been my very first Crossfit Cardio class, I had no idea what to expect.  The warm up alone was a normal workout for some people.  It consisted of three rounds of a 200m row, one tick tock, 10 soldier kicks, and 10 high box jumps.  We continued on with a few agility drills, and then it was time for the real workout to begin!  Bear crawls, lunges, jumping for distance, and running…4 times across the room, oh yeah, with burpies on each transition.  The goal was four rounds for time, but I was only able to complete two and a half.  I have not worked out that hard in a long time, and was sore before the workout was even over.  The workout was incredible, even though my heart was racing out of my chest.  Coach Hayley kept pushing us to focus on the present exercise, not the finale.  This class was amazing and a true test of both your physical and mental limits.  I would highly recommend this for everyone that wants a true challenge…and a great workout!

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CrossFit Studio City 4010 Colfax Ave. Studio City, California 91604 818-351-9348