The Real Deal:

As much as we love our crazy pilates classes, it was a nice change to slow it down.  Grace Anatomy is a boutique studio located on Moorpark in Studio City, and is a hidden gem pilates studio.  Grace Wang, the owner of the studio was so sweet and helpful.  She explained the difference in their style of pilates compared to other studios in the area.  Grace Anatomy focuses on form, alignment and precision, and combines both classical and contemporary pilates techniques. Each group class has 1-7 students, so beginners to experienced students will get the necessary attention that is required.  Be sure to check out their site for current discounts and specials.

Know Before You Go:

  • Bring a towel and water
  • Ample parking is available on Moorpark

Kacie says:

After driving past Grace Anatomy over and over, I finally signed up for a class.  The studio is super cute and they recently expanded to three rooms.  I’ve become so accustomed to the crazy intense cardio pilates classes, and had forgotten how hard classical pilates could be. The one hour class was grueling as we slowly and methodically moved through each sequence.  The instructor was hilarious, which made the pain less intense and the class seemed to fly by.  I will definitely be going back for more, who wants to join me?

-Thanks for reading!
Category: Long and Lean, Tone Up
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Grace Anatomy Pilates 12445 Moorpark St Studio City, California 91604 (818) 762-7909