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220 Fitness Concepts in Santa Monica will be officially opening in October and is located on Main Street.  The gym will feature state of the art of equipment, top-notch trainers and the most unique and fun classes.  Some of the amazing classes featured are…Sunset Beach Yoga, Dance Party, 220 Sand Challenge, Kangoo Boot Camp, and Kangoo Jumps RUN.  Kangoo Jumps has been a favorite of ours ever since we tried it at Lululemon in Pasadena a few months ago, and we were thrilled to hear that 220 Fitness Concepts would be featuring regular classes with Kangoos.  We participated in a Kangoo Jumps RUN last week with instructor Aimee Nicoterra and had such a fun time bouncing down the Santa Monica bike path.  The workout included a stretch of traditional running, but was also broken up with short bouts of exercises like squats, step-ups, jumping jacks and dips.  We learned that Kangoo Jumps are especially beneficial to runners because they reduce impact on the joints, and the exercise of rebounding helps reduce body fat while strengthening muscles and flushing out the lymphatic system…just a few extra benefits with an amazingly high-energy and FUN workout!  The RUN class is only offered a couple of times a month now, but is expected to become a staple on 220’s fitness schedule when they open.  If you are interested in trying out one of the FREE workouts offered this month, simply stop by the gym or email Aimee for more information:


Know Before You Go:

  • There are a few spots behind the gym plus ample metered parking
  • Bring high socks for the Kangoo class



Julie says:

My love affair with Kangoo Jumps began as soon as I first put them on at Lululemon in Pasadena a few months ago.  I could not stop laughing and smiling throughout the workout and could not have had more fun jumping down the street.  I have been looking for a gym that offers Kangoo workouts ever since and was so excited to learn that 220 Fitness would be featuring them. The Kangoo Jumps RUN last week was incredibly fun, but challenging at the same time.  We “ran” a total of 3 miles along the beautiful Santa Monica bike path at sunset, but stopped along the way for some bursts of additional cardio (power jumps and jumping jacks) and strength exercises (push-ups, dips and squats).  My favorite exercise, and the one I found most challenging, were the step-ups we did on the benches along the path.  Not only do you challenge your core each time you step up and balance, but the 2.5 lb Kangoo boots add a nice weight to your legs on the lift. The best part of Kangoo running down the beach though…was the “spectator scene.”  People just LOVE to watch other people in Kangoos.  Spectators can obviously tell it’s a fun workout…so as we were bounding down the path, many would stop and stare in amazement, some would run after us asking how they could try the Kangoos, and others would shout words of encouragement smile I also really liked Aimee, the instructor, and am looking forward to more classes at 220 Fitness!


Kacie says:

What more can I say…this is by far the most unique and fun workout that I have ever tried.  My sister-in-law was visiting from NYC and I decided to drag her along for this amazing adventure…she LOVED it!!  We started at the gym on Main Street and made our way as a group of about 20 to the Santa Monica bike bath.  We “ran” 3 miles along the bike path, periodically stopping to squat, dip and jump our way to fitness.  I was sweating within a few minutes…and it was cool outside.  The workout is a lot of fun, but is extremely deceiving.  This is a total body cardio workout, and is good for children and adults of all ages.  There is a slight learning curve at the beginning, but Aimee and her staff can teach you to Kangoo in just a few minutes.  Please try it out and let us know what you think!

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220 Fitness 3002 Main Street Santa Monica, California 90405 518/424-6783