The Real Deal:

What a workout!  Dana makes it a point to greet every new student and learn of any injuries or limitations.  The studio has a very warm and inviting feeling, with no judgements.  The room will fill up fairly quickly with lots of chit chatting going on, Dana has a huge following of regular SHIFTers.  Once the class starts, all bets are off, the room quiets down and the real work starts.  If you are looking to change your body and push yourself in a safe and controlled way, this is the class for you.  Your first class at SHIFT is FREE…what’s your excuse now??


Know Before You Go:

  • Parking can be difficult so be sure to arrive a few minutes early
  • Bring a large towel for floor work
  • The workout is done without shoes, socks are ok

    Kacie says:

    WOW!  A few of my friends were always talking about this amazing SHIFT class.  I finally took them up on their offer and went to a class.  As soon as it started I was wondering why it took me this long to try it out, especially since your first class is FREE!  The class is a crazy combo of cardio and strength training, in a low impact, high intensity environment.  The class consists of mainly women, but there are a few men to help mix it up.  Everyone in the class is very supportive of each other, and it is definitely a judgement free zone!  The one hour class will leave you sweaty, sore (in a good way of course) and ready to sign up for your next session.  Be sure to arrive a few minutes early, parking can sometimes be a little challenging.

    -Thanks for reading!
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