The Real Deal:

Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB), is a dance/yoga class, but you need not be an expert in either to participate.  YBB truly helps to empower you and build your inner strength, all while making you sweat!  At the beginning of class you choose your goal or intention for the hour and then chant a mantra of strength.  The class is designed to help breakdown your walls of doubt  and insecurity that you have built.  YBB is a great workout, and you can take away from it what you choose.  I chose a stronger sense of self and left a few calories at the door.  Check it out for yourself!


Know Before You Go: 

  • There is plenty of parking along 3rd street, but be prepared to walk a few blocks and bring lots of quarters
  • Individual classes and packages are available for all classes
  • There is a gym available for an extra fee
  • There are a variety of creative and unique classes


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  • Shannon Bloom says December 10th, 2009

    I LOVE Yoga Booty Ballet!  I have been taking these classes for years and I always leave feeling so happy smile

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