The Real Deal:

StrollerFit is not just a workout for moms anymore, but for anyone that wants to stay healthy and get in shape.  The majority of the class does consist of women, but Melissa Thomas welcomes all caregivers of stroller-age children.  The best part about StrollerFit is that you don’t need a babysitter!  It is geared towards all fitness levels, both pre and post-natal.  As with all exercise programs, you are encouraged to go at your own pace and not to compare yourself to others in the class.  The class is held indoors at the Topanga Plaza, and meets on the first floor in front of Macy’s.  Melissa is not only the instructor, but a new mom as well!


Know Before You Go:

  • Your first class is FREE
  • You do NOT need a jogger
  • Classes are held Monday-Friday from 9:10-10:00am and Saturdays from 8:45-9:35am 
  • Be sure to bring a mat or towel, water and any snacks or toys for your baby

Kacie says:

I LOVED the class!  StrollerFit should definitely be part of a weekly workout for all new parents and caregivers looking to get in shape!  Since I have twins, I chose to only take one baby to class, after all,  I wanted to workout!  I brought my double jogger and loaded my daughter in one side, and my gear in the other.  Melissa will loan you all the necessary equipment for the first class.  After purchasing a series of classes, you will receive a ball, a resistance band and an elastic band.  We met on the first floor in front of Macy’s, it was a very warm and welcoming group.  What I really liked was that during our workout, we would recite the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and months in English, Spanish and Hebrew.  I got a great workout and my daughter was learning!  Melissa is an amazing motivator, and a new mom herself.  We ran relays outside of the mall, and also ran the parking structure stairs, Melissa keeps watch over all the babies during this.  Ab work is at the very end, and the babies can roll around on the floor and play during this time.  It was a lot of fun and you can meet lots of great people…and your first class is FREE!

-Thanks for reading!
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