The Real Deal:

Bar Method is a low impact, yet still intense sculpting and conditioning class that guarantees results!  Don’t be scared away by the name, though.  You needn’t be a ballerina to appreciate the benefits of this workout!  Bar Method is appropriate for all levels and works to elongate your muscles through fat burning and interval training. Classes are taught in clean and carpeted rooms, with plenty of space for large groups.  The workout usually consists of a basic warm up, then  a little bit of light weight work for the upper body, and then the remainder of the class is core, legs and butt!  Bar Method Burbank is located in an open shopping center with plenty of free parking.  Classes are offered in both the morning and early evening, making it readily accessible to everyone. 


Know Before You Go:

  • Free parking is available in the lot
  • Socks are required
  • Towels are available for use during the class
  • Hair ties, deodorant and showers are provided on the locker room

Kacie says:

I was so impressed with the Bar Method Studio in Burbank, and it wasn’t just because of the class!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make us happy.  During my tour of the studio, I was offered coffee and tea, free towel service and even hair ties.  Not only do they offer free locker service for your personal items during class, there are also shower facilities for those taking an early morning class before the work day starts.  The class started with their signature warm-up, and then we moved onto an arm series using 1-3 pound weights.  Let me tell you, even the one pound weights felt heavy after a few reps!  Then we moved to the bar for squats and the wall for core work.  The great thing about Bar Method is that there are people of all ages in the class.  The ab work is intense, but well worth the agony.  Bar Method is a low impact workout with a high return on results, like a lifted butt and sculpted arms!  Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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  • Paula H says May 8th, 2012

    Bar Method Burbank is an attitude-free zone for those who want to reshape, strengthen and stretch their bodies. No matter what your level of fitness when you attend, you’ll get a thorough, challenging workout led by highly trained, helpful professionals who know how to use encouragement and humor to get results.

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The Bar Method